Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium scores lack luster

Jacey Bacon, Opinion Editor

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Results for The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) gave to 156,500 Idaho students in the spring of 2014 are in (kind of).
Idaho had a contract with the Standards Achievement Test by Smarter Balance that results of the testing would be turned in within 10 days after the exam. The testing took place from March 30- May 22, and students in some districts, including Lewiston, still do not know where they stand with their results.
The Idaho Board of Education released that the scores have beaten projections from the state but the actual numbers are lackluster. Statewide, 61 percent of 10th graders were at proficient or above in English, as were 48 percent of third graders. In the oncoming years a major focus may be to increase math scores. Statewide, 50 percent of third graders were proficient or above in math but only 30 percent of 10th graders were proficient or above. All of these statistics were provided by Idaho Education News.
This may not surprise the students who took the test, or the state that joined 43 others in administering the test. However, the scores may shock parents in Lewiston. Dr. Donaldson, superintendent of the Lewiston School District, stated Sept. 23 that students and parents should expect to see individual scores in the beginning of October. (The district already knows that scores for each individual building are matching the statistics presented by the rest of the state.)