All-State choir offers unique experiences for students


Six LHS choir students find time to meet up during All-State Choir in Nampa, idaho. Photo courtesy of Kari Wilsey.

Josie Hafer, Editor-in-Chief

   On Feb. 1, approximately 15 LHS musicians travelled to Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho to sing with the All State High School choir. These select musicians are chosen by an audition process and perform with hundreds of other individuals in specific choirs.
   Musicians are given their music to learn in advance in order to come together and perform the same material with those who share their passion for music. 

   Kari Wilsey, senior, has performed at All-State for two years now. She was chosen to perform with Mixed Choir, a group comprised of both male and female chorists. QUOTE, said Wilsey. Eve Schmidt, also a senior, performed with Treble Choir, an all-girls choir. 

   “It was definitely one of the most fun weekends of my life,” she said of the experience.
   Ani Galeano, senior, sang with the Jazz Choir. She performed with the Jazz Choir as a junior as well. She was particularly thankful for the guidance from her instructors.

   “Our director, Rosanna; you could tell she was a true jazz musician. When she would give an example, like when she would scat for us, it would be on the spot and it would be perfect,” Galeano said. “It was helpful for us to learn from someone so talented.”