Super Bowl Ads come out as a mixed bag

Isaiah Schmidt, Sports Editor

The Superbowl often results in some of the most creative (and expensive) ads. Though in many cases, people avoid unnecessary ad-watching, the Superbowl proves an exception.

Ever since the famous 1984 ad by Apple, which bucked the trend by airing a more cinematic and plot-based production, humor and quality is now the status quo. This year’s ads were a mixed bag, with both horrible flops and notable successes. These are the cream of the crop:

The Rocket Mortgage ad featuring Jason Momoa ripping off a muscle suit and wig was somewhat disturbing, but also hilarious. The final scene of him failing to bench press the bar topped it off perfectly. Of course, anyone who remembered what the ad was for needed to have an above-average memory. But still.

A star-studded production for Hyundai’s new 2020 Sonata, “Smaht Pahk” featured John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch (according to Adweek). This ad played off Boston accents and supported an amusing plot, all within 60 seconds.

Porsche released an ad titled “The Heist,” with an exciting mini-plot. Security guards at the car company took turns stealing the car while the others tried to catch them. Though the plot lacked a humor element, it would have only served to dilute the theme of the production.

The “Can’t Touch This” ad by Cheetos was clever and funny. It featured a ‘90s hit song incorporated with an amusing but appropriately quirky plot. The cameo appearance of MC Hammer balanced the thin line of being entertaining and weird.

Overall, this Super Bowl featured both underwhelming and outstanding commercials. The highlights were definitley worth watching for and were a big improvement from last year.

There were still some dissapoinments, however. The Snickers ad was confusing, and the angle for humor seemed expensive to make and unapealing to watch. Though many people loved the Tide Pods ad, it seemed to merely impress because of sheer quantity.