District boosts bandwidth

Jonika Ringling, News Editor

This year the bandwidth at Lewiston High School’s Wi-Fi increased to support the growing number of wireless devices on the campus.
With increased Wi-Fi bandwidth, the possibility of Lewiston High School moving towards students bringing their own technology (BYOT).
“Down the road, students will be able to log on to the Wi-Fi and teachers can push out apps for students to use,” said the Vice Principal, Chad Arlint. “There is no set time frame. In a perfect world it would be tomorrow, but there is no set time frame.”
To access the apps teachers use, students log into the Wi-Fi using their school login and password; the 10-12 level filter will be in place during all use according to Arlint.
An informational website regarding blocked apps will soon be available to help teachers’ better plan lessons, according to Lisa Kokernak, the school’s computer technician.
As mid-October ten minutes of being inactivity logs students off of the open Wi-Fi network.
The Wi-Fi service is provided through the state of Idaho, Kokernak said.