Roby wins as Educational Support Personnel of the year


Kaylin Roby, the college/career counselor for LHS, won the 2020 “Educational Support Personnel” and is very deserving of her award.
She is a hardworking mother of two boys, and loves being outside doing summer activities with them. Roby is currently working on her master’s degree, and is at the cusp of finishing. She says “I can’t wait to be done, and I’m excited to be able to take time for myself and my family. I have grown a lot, and I’m grateful for it.”
She started her career at Lewiston High School in September of 2016, and is in her fifth year. Roby loves working with students, and helping them with post-secondary plans. Just in general, she loves helping students.
Technology plays a big role in her career capabilities, as well as students! “The career center is always open! The new space is really big and really cool.” Roby says.
As Roby goes into more depth about her award, it is apparent it means a lot to her. She spoke on how she choked up when she received it, and how shocked she was. Roby also loves working with the other school counselors, and says they are all amazing.
She is very qualified to give advice and she wants students to know it’s okay to not know. She says “You don’t have to have it all figured out right now, explore things you like doing. Follow your passion, and it’s okay if there’s hiccups.” She also shares her personal experience of going to college because she knew she needed to, and figuring it out on the way.
“Any student can swing by and meet me!”