Drama department performs “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

The Drama Production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” hit the stage November 12, 13, and 14. The cast and production team has put in an incredible amount of effort into this show. Mel Syverson, the drama teacher and director, said “It shaped up to be a pretty entertaining show!”
The cast list for the show goes as follows:

HERMIA: Sarah Kammer. LYSANDER: Jacob Bigler. HELENA: Rachel Hughes. DEMETRIUS: Adam Wester. THESEUS: Max Schaefer. HIPPOLYTA: Camrynn Kernan. EGEUS: Trace Steele..PHILOSTRATE: Zachary Steadman.

NICK BOTTOM: Cale (Micah) Wilponen. PETER QUINCE: Hayden Jensen. FRANCIS FLUTE: Dekin Carney. TOM SNOUT: Piper Rickman. SNUG: Roxy Huntley. ROBIN STARVELING: Chris Vidovich

OBERON: Tristan Byrd. TITANIA: Gaby Stenzel. ROBIN GOODFELLOW (PUCK): Mary Wren

A FAIRY: Angel Elliot. PEASEBLOSSOM: Mackenzie Killmar. COBWEB: Mykal York. MOTE: Leah Lewis. MUST ARDSEED: Olivia Reynolds

CHORUS (Lords and attendants on Theseus & Hippolyta/ Other Fairies of Titania & Oberon):
Brandi Bibee Remington Killmar, Michael Austin, Troy Lincoln, Nam Bui, Sophia Colprete, Brandon Liedkie, Bella Blimka
Cameron (Impala) Johnson

Jacob Bigler had this to say about the production “We had a fun time with it and it was a success!”