LHS hosts first Gay-Straight Alliance meeting


Tennessee students hold a pride parade. Photo courtesy of ACLU of Tennessee.

Sophie Hunter, Editor-in-Chief

The first meeting for the LHS Gay-Straight Alliance Club had more than 50 students show up Oct. 7, overfilling the classroom of Chris Farnes, the new club’s adviser.

As students began to flood the room, “LGBTQ students were being called derogatory names outside my door,” Farnes shared in an email.

Due to lack of space, the meeting was moved into the auditorium. A few students were not allowed into the meeting because they were agonizing the situation, according to Farnes.

“I chose not to let them in as it was unfair to the club and would certainly lead to an altercation. I did not remove any students that were seated in the classroom nor deny entry to anyone else who showed up,” Farnes recounted.

Lily Eggers, a freshman, created the club in an effort to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and allies of the community. During the meeting, they discussed the club constitution and expectations. Participants were able to open up and tell stories of homophobia, coming out, and identity.

Future meetings will be in Farne’s room, CW100, every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

“If you feel there were students who were interested in supporting our LGBT community and were not able to attend, I would really like to speak with them and offer my sincerest apology,” Farnes said.