Brown spotlights science for older students


Lori Brown

Rylie Reagan, Feautures Editor

Lori Brown is a new science addition to Lewiston High School. Among others, Brown has recently transferred to LHS after teaching at what is now Jenifer Middle School. At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, she began instructing students here in Earth science.
Previous to becoming a science teacher, Brown spent two years in Lewis-Clark State College’s nursing program. She switched from nursing to a science-education career after getting married, moving to California, and finding time to complete the program, she said. Brown attended Yuba College in California, where she received an associate’s degree in biology. She later returned to LCSC, receiving her bachelor’s degree in natural science and education.
She engages in a lifestyle full of love, camping, and family. She enjoys one thing most of all — being a grandma to Beau (5) and Dash (3).
Brown’s interest in science sparked during high school. She came from a small school with only one science teacher, Mr. Little. She respected and admired Little, as he could teach any student, and she aspired to follow in his footsteps, making the same impact.
“I hope that I am following in Mr. Little’s footsteps and teaching all my kids,” Brown said. “My goal is to make connections with kids and try to make science enjoyable and ‘”doable’. .” “I want kids to come out of my class, being critical readers, lifelong learners, and informed consumers.”
As Brown transitioned into the LHS staff, she found it a lot to process. She shared her experience after enduring such a significant change.
“It’s a lot to process — new classes, new building, new co-workers, new administrators, Covid,” she said, “I’m a little overwhelmed, but it’s also fun to experience new things. And what a beautiful building I get to teach in!”