Freelend subtracts herself from Jenifer after 20 years


Lenora Freelend

Rylie Reagan, Features Editor

Lenora Freelend, after 20 years teaching at what is now known as Jenifer Middle School, joined the staff at LHS at the beginning of the school year, teaching Algebra 1 and Freshman success.
She had aspirations to be a mathematics teacher as a young girl. Even then she enjoyed math and helping others. She majored in education at the University of Idaho, and after graduating there, she started at Jenifer instructing first-year high school students in Algebra 1.
“I want to help my students understand what we cover in my class and gain confidence in their math abilities,” she said, “I want them to see that math doesn’t have to be difficult, that they can do it!”
The transition from teaching junior high school has been positive, she said. Freelend said she enjoys having the ability to see the students who she once instructed as freshmen.
“I’m really enjoying seeing all of my former students from Jenifer,” she said, “They were only allowed to come visit once a month. Now they can come visit any time!”
Freelend has two daughters and her eldest is expecting a baby girl in March. Altogether she has four grandchildren at this time. Freelend, in addition to family life, spends her time in nature, enjoying camping and fishing.