FAKE NEWS: LHS seniors will travel to 12 countries for Christmas


Lindsey Sexton, Managing Editor

Lewiston High School seniors will travel in December to 12 different countries.

They had a meeting with the teachers and parents of LHS seniors, and they voted for Jamie Bakker, an English teacher, to take all the students to Austria, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Venezuela, and England.

Lewiston High School seniors will travel to these different areas of the world to see Christmas in different ways. Bakker expects that they will show respect like the Governor was with them at all times.

After a month of a wonderful Christmas break, seniors will soon come back to school and start work again. On the break, there will be no homework for seniors. The traveling will start Dec.19 and end Jan. 20. Students should bring proper clothes for the trip, such as heavy sweatshirts and boots. There will be a travel checklist coming out in the mail.