What Golden Throne will look like this year

Josh Tatko, Staff Reporter

This week is the annual Golden Throne spirit week at LHS. Due to COVID-19 there will not be any basketball games or spirit competition, but LHS is still raising money for two local charities.
With a spirit link drive, LHS ASB hopes to raise money for the LC Valley Youth Resource Center and Community Action Partnership.
The paper links are 25 cents each or four for $1, but any amount of money is appreciated. This year’s goal is to raise $6,000 with special incentives at each milestone. Links will be sold Monday, Feb. 1, through Friday, Feb. 5. Members of LHS ASB will visit 2A classes Monday through Friday to collect money and resupply spirit links.

Fundraising milestones:
$25 — Teacher lunchtime karaoke
$50 — Boy band performance
$100 — Play music in passing periods
$200 — Tape Brie Clapp to the wall
$500 — Mr. Lockard will dress in a cowboy outfit with jorts
$1,000 — Pierce Alec Eckert’s ears
$1,500 — Shave Kash Lang’s head
$2,000 — Vivian Dotson and Jared Jelinek will wrestle
$3,000 — Mrs. Hobson licks the inside of the Golden Throne trophy toilet
$6,000 — Shave Mr. Arlint’s beard

The LC Valley Youth Resource Center serves displaced, local teenagers by providing them with compassion and the model for healthy relationships. Services are given through a trauma-informed resource center while maintaining safety and meeting basic needs.

Community Action Partnership serves to help people help themselves and each other to end poverty. The partnership works with people of all ages in the ten northernmost counties of Idaho and Asotin County in Washington. They provide programs and initiatives to increase stability for struggling families and to help them exit poverty.