Being single on Valentines

Cecelia Thomas, Staff Feature Writer

Most people assume that Valentine’s day is for people who are in committed relationships and married individuals. Now people are raising questions. How many people are single on Valentine’s Day?; How many people actually celebrate Valentine’s Day?; How much does the average American spend on their valentine?

The year 2020 had more single teens and young adults than ever before, according to Revise Sociology. There are a total of 110.6 million more Americans single than in previous years. In 2015, there were 132.7 million people married and in committed relationships.

“Marriage is becoming rare,” stated Are relationships declining due to the pandemic or just life?

While the number of people in a relationship is declining, the number of people celebrating Valentine’s day isn’t dropping.

Approximately 52% of Americans celebrate this holiday based on love. That means that 10% of people who celebrate don’t even have a significant other.

According to the National Retail Federation, America will spend $19.7 Billion on Valentine’s day. Individuals spend an estimated $161.96 on Valentine’s day.