Bengal Pantry strives to eliminate hunger


Cecelia Thomas, Staff Feature Writer

The Idaho Foodbank’s website states the rate of hunger within Idaho’s population under the age of 18 is approximately 98,420; this number only includes children facing hunger.
The Idaho Food Bank is an organization that strives to eliminate hunger within Idaho; this program provided 22.3 million lbs. of food to 197,400 families in need this year.
As much as the Idaho Food Bank can provide, it still isn’t always enough. Because of this, Lewiston High School has a program referred to as the Bengal Pantry.
The Bengal Pantry is where Bengal students can turn to if they’re seeking help with food. No questions are asked about the situation of one’s family or self, and they’re still able to feel entitled to their privacy.
“I want our students to be aware of what we have available, that we’re here to help, and that you’re not alone,” stated Kaylin Roby.
The Bengal Pantry is sponsored by the Idaho Foodbank, Lewiston High School staff, students, and our community.
Food isn’t all that the Bengal Pantry has to offer. The Pantry also has a Clothing Closet for students who need extra help.
By contacting the College Career Advisor, Kaylin Roby, you can get help with food or clothing or request to donate items to the Pantry.
Donated food items must be individually wrapped and not expired.