Top 10 April Fools food pranks for friends


Josh Tatko, Staff Reporter

With April Fools Day on its way, many people are looking for pranks to fool their friends and loved ones. Here are a few relatively harmless, food-based pranks.

1. Toothpaste Oreos: This one is a classic. Replace the cream filling of an Oreo with white toothpaste and either place it back in the bag, on display, or give it to your victim.

2. Sriracha- or mayonnaise-filled donuts: Another classic, this prank is very versatile. You can fill a donut with whatever you like, but Sriracha or mayonnaise are advised because they look like jelly and cream.

3. Mashed potatoes and gravy sundae: You may have heard that ice cream companies use mashed potatoes in their commercials to make their product look nicer. Your victim can experience what it would be like to taste that sundae. All it requires is mashed potatoes, brown gravy, and a cherry to make it look convincing.

4. Cheesecake made to look like mashed potatoes and gravy: This is the reverse of the previous prank. With white cheesecake and chocolate or caramel syrup, you can create the illusion of mashed potatoes drizzled in brown gravy.

5. Wasabi guacamole: Although a bit less harmless than the others listed here, replacing the guacamole at a chip and dip platter with wasabi makes for a great prank, assuming your victim(s) can handle spice.

6. Caramel onions: These aren’t traditional caramelized onions, but they’ll do for a simple prank.

7. Ketchup soda: Similar to the donut, the ketchup inside the fountain drink cup can be replaced with pretty much anything, and here the appearance is masked entirely, so looks don’t matter. Ketchup is the standard suggestion, though.

8. Candy chicken pot pie: It may require quite a bit of effort, but a chicken pot pie filled with vanilla pudding, Starbursts, M and M’s, or similar candy is a very fulfilling prank assuming it pans out.

9. Graham cracker bandages: Less of a trick and more of a surprise, filling an empty bandage box with graham crackers (potentially marked with frosting and jam depending on how invested in the prank you are) and faking a minor injury is a solid, harmless prank. Hopefully nobody actually needs a bandage, though.

10. Buttered/oiled floor: This entry is a bit unorthodox and should only be done if you’re willing to clean up the mess because chances are, your victim will not be willing to do so themselves. The prank is simple, slather a hardwood or tiled floor with butter or oil.