Daft Punk breaks up after 28 years in the music business


Daft Punks “Random Access Memories” album cover

After 28 years, the much-loved and respected Daft Punk broke up Feb. 22. All around the world electronic dance music fans still weep for the legendary duo.
Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo announced their split through a Youtube video known as “Epilogue.” In this one robotic suit of the duo explodes while the other walks into the sunset.
They started their long career in a rock band called Darling. But after the two began going to nightclubs and raves, they got a taste for EDM (electronic dance music).
Wasting no time, in 1993 the duo changed their persona to that of Daft Punk. Their name comes from a critic who called a song by Darling, “Daft Punky Thrash.” The duo took criticism quite well, not sacrificing their sound because of others’ opinions on what their music was.
The first album that Daft Punk released was homework in 1996. A love letter to EDM, it was a series of songs meant to be singles. But they realized they had enough to make a full album, so they orchestrated the cohesion of the album later on. In an interview Bangalter said, “We do not really want to make albums.” Instead, they preferred making individual songs. Daft Punk tended to make good songs, then create an album of the songs they enjoyed and found to be of high enough quality.
Daft Punk has always been an unconventional group. Maybe most clearly seen with their robotic personas. Whenever in public under the Daft Punk name, they dress in robotic suits, as the faces for their band. One Golden, the other silver.
They both gifted a brand new taste, to a stale time in the EDM genre.