Step By Step Makeup

Aydann Long, Staff Reporter

1. Get the whitest foundation you have and put it all over your face, to look like Olaf.
2. Grab any red lipstick and drag it up around your mouth but drag out your smile, so you look presentable.
3. Next, you need the most superior blue eye shadow you have, and you want to lather it very think across your eye, then drag it down, so you look like your crying because we are all sad.
4. Get that red lipstick back and draw in your eyebrows as you did in 7th grade. Then do the same on the end of your nose, so you look like you hit puberty a second time.
5. For the last bit, get a dark blush and smear it on your cheeks, so you look like you lived in the sun for three years.
6. And last but not least, the cutest rainbow wig you have so you look like the clown you are.
Please send this to your friends so they can look as good as you do.