Lott teaches Spanish at LHS in place of Sears

Rylie Reagan, Editor-in-Cheif

Gina Lott, one of the newest Humanities instructors here at Lewiston High School, began the 2020-2021 school year instructing students from 9th-12th grade in Spanish I. She is filling in for Alissa Sears, who is on extended leave this year.
Lott attended the University of Idaho, where she received her undergraduate degree. Before teaching at Lewiston High School, she taught various Spanish levels in three different states.
Lott first became interested in teaching during adolescence. But even before that, she and her friends commonly played school as kids.
“I don’t think I ever really considered another career,” Lott said.
During her sophomore year at LHS, Lott became fascinated by the Spanish language and culture during Spanish 1. She graduated from LHS in 1986 and studied at LCSC in the fall of 1986 in college.
Lott said one of her first goals this year has been to help build her students’ Spanish listening comprehension. She sees the reading, writing, and speaking aspects of the language as easier for students to grasp.
“I want my first-year students to experience the small victories of expressing themselves in Spanish a little bit each day,” she said. “Hopefully, this success will inspire them to do the work of learning a second language.”
She expressed happiness for being part of the LHS staff, and she hopes to teach here for an extended time.
Outside of teaching, Lott enjoys reading and writing stories, walking her dog, and working in her yard.