Fake News: LHS parking lot undergoes reconstruction


Artistic rendering of new parking garage by Kristin Starr.

The current parking lot situation can be described as disorganized and chaotic with misleading signs, constant traffic jams, lack of parking and driving lanes far too small for multi-directional traffic. At a recent meeting, LHS staff finally addressed the problem. They have decided to have the parking lot reconstructed to alleviate these problems once and for all.

According to Vice Principal Estacionamiento Lott, the design will include a new multi-story parking garage. The lower floor will allow parking for students and staff with designated parking spots to separate the two.
The upper floor will provide visitors a location away from new drivers and exhausted teachers, equipped with an elevator and staircase to bring them back to the ground floor.

A a third floor will serve as a food court, allowing students to stay on campus for lunch. Students can ride the elevator to this top floor and grab food from McDonald’s, Dutch Bros., Dunkin Donuts, or numerous others.
The garage will span the distance of both existing parking lots, which will be demolished to make way for these new developments.

Office secretary, Auto Davis, said students will be able to reserve parking spots to use for the remainder of their high school experience for a fee of $99.99.

Students will also have the option of valet parking by school bus drivers. A ticket to do so will be available for $5.55 at several sign-in stations in the garage when completed.
According to contractor Edwardo Parcelle, the project is estimated to cost $8 million and is scheduled for completion by the start of the 2021-22 school year. The project will be funded by The Foundation for Better Parking At Schools.