Godzilla vs Kong: A great giant monster fight


The first film featuring a humongous lizard with nuclear breath and a lust for destroying the world’s biggest cities premiered in 1954 in Japan. Since then, multiple films starring the rotund reptile have been released, the most recent being Godzilla vs Kong.
Produced by Legendary Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros, this third installment in the rebooted MonsterVerse franchise is absolutely perfect for what it’s advertised as — an epic, cinematic battle between two legendary monsters.
If you go into this movie wanting to connect with the characters, become invested in a story, or get emotional, this is not the film for you. I honestly couldn’t tell you any of the characters’ names. I couldn’t explain what their relationships are to each other. I couldn’t tell you any plot details. The movie was just: Monsters. Battle.
The producers did incredibly well in portraying said Monsters. And also Battle. I went into this wanting to see a monkey and a lizard duke it out, and that is what I saw. So in terms of meeting expectations and staying true to what it was meant to be, this movie earns a 5 out of 5.