Joel Dahmen makes tee-rific winning putt


Dahmen celebrates his success PGA tour success on March 28, 2021. Photo courtesy of the Lewiston Tribune.

Clarkston native Joel Dahmen has recently become a topic of national interest after his winning putt in the final round at Corales Golf Course. Despite facing adversity along the way, Dahmen has made the climb from Mackenzie Tour player to PGA professional. Below are his responses to a recent interview with the Bengal’s Purr:
Joel Dahmen:
Q: What made you want to become a professional golfer?
A: It always felt like it’s what I was supposed to do. I always knew I was good, and I never really wanted a “real job”.
Q: What challenges have you faced during your career?
A: Losing my mom to cancer in High School was a big one for me. Then, me and my brother both getting cancer was also a hurdle we had to overcome.
Q: What kept you going through these hard times?
A: My (now) wife, Lona is who got me motivated to get back out and try to do something with my life. I was playing bad golf, and was really down on life. She kind of kicked me in the pants to do something and stop feeling sorry for myself.
Q: Can you describe your experience the moment you won?
A: It was pretty emotional. I was really nervous on the last hole, but I handled it really well. I think the emotion that came out of me was just a culmination of everything that happened to get to this point.
Q: Did you think you would make it this far as a professional golfer? Why?

A: You always have doubts when things aren’t going well, but I knew if I could get to the PGA Tour I would be able to stay out here. I guess deep down the answer is “yes”, but sometimes it’s really hard.
Q: How would you describe the support you received from friends and family throughout your career?
A: It’s been huge. I have a really good team around me, and my friends are incredible. My Family and my coaches are all people I trust very much, and they want the best for me. Having them behind me, makes things much easier