Yes, students should attend college after high school

Students graduating college. Photo courtesy of

Graduating high school and entering the world for the first time can be a very frightening and trying experience. The first big decision for many individuals is choosing a career path. One can either enter the workforce, join the military, or of course, attend college. Although college may seem like a daunting step, there is a plethora of evidence proving that it may just be the right choice.
Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has proved that as of 2018, college graduates had an average salary of $1,198 per week while those with a high school diploma alone made only $730 per week. Those who do not attend college could be missing out on close to one million dollars over their lifetime. Additionally, the unemployment rate for college graduates is nearly half that of high school graduates.
College graduates are also more likely to be homeowners. A 2016 report from the company Zillow found that 75% of all home buyers were college-educated, 14% began and never completed college, and only 11% had just a high school diploma.
A Pew Research report also conducted in 2016 found that 77% of workers with a post-graduate degree and 60% of workers with a bachelor’s degree take their job as a sense of identity. Only 38% of those with a high school diploma were able to say the same. Furthermore, 70% of workers with a bachelor’s degree confirmed that they see their job as a career compared to just 39% of those who never attended college.
Finally, earning a college degree has even been proven to boost happiness. According to a Lumina Foundation report, 94% of individuals with a bachelor’s degree or above agreed that they were pleased with their lives. Of adults with no higher level of education, only 89% responded the same way.
The college experience can bring about many benefits for those in consideration of attending. Among those are increased salary, homeownership, job satisfaction, and boosted happiness. Although college is not always the right choice for everyone, it’s never too late to explore all options and plan for university.