Spedden moves on after 30 years in the Lewiston School District


Tracy Spedden

Tracy Spedden was lead cook at LHS until the end of the 2020-21 school year. After years working here, she has decided to retire and take care of herself.
Purr: How long have you been here at LHS?
Tracy Spedden: I’ve been here around 30 years
Purr: How has your experience here affected your life?
Spedden: When you work that long, you get attached. Students and co-workers alike. It’s hard.
Purr: What connections have you had with some of the students?
Spedden: It’s great to see the students grow up and do their own thing.
Purr: What plans do you have for retirement?
Spedden: I plan to take care of myself, to take a break.
Purr: Did you have a job before this, and if so, what?
Spedden: I worked in the work force, I worked with fast food. I just love to serve/help people. Music.
Purr: Any other remarks?
Spedden: I wish I would’ve been able to publish a book about the school district. This is an amazing school with amazing people.