Point-counterpoint: Age cap on trick or treating

Counterpoint: Max age should be 15-16



Children stand in line anticipating candy from trick-or-treating. Image courtesy of nypost.com.

Matthew Dugdale, Photography Manager

Many of us have experienced the joy of knocking on the house of a random stranger and asking for their kindness to give a small sweet, but the question remains: How old is too old to trick or treat?

Trick-or-treating is a healthy thing for children and teenagers alike. Trick or treating can help someone be comfortable around people in general. According to Mayoclinic.org, the best way to deal with social anxiety is to slowly be involved in social events. “Any sort of social interaction with other people is a healthy opportunity to repress any anxious feelings.”

If you struggle with social anxiety, trick or treating is a great way to make getting to know your neighbors more comfortable. Knowing your neighbors will give you a great relationship with the people you will be living around. Maybe they’ll be willing to give you extra sweets to snack on.

Trick-or-Treating also gives access to sweets galore for anyone interested in snacking during the spooky season. From Snickers to Twix and M&M’s- it’s literally free candy. Who would pass up that opportunity? The oldest you should be out trick or treating, is 15 -16 years of age.

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