LHS Celebrates Veterans Day


Honoring those who served

During an LHS assembly in honor of Veterans Day Nov. 11, Captain Douglas Welch spoke to the entire student body. One important message he had was to treat veterans with respect and not blame soldiers for political wars.
Welch shared that while honoring veterans and all military personnel, it is essential to remember that traditions of giving to and respecting those who served in war were not always the same as they are today. For example, during the Vietnam War, Welch said, soldiers were blamed, scrutinized and even physically hurt due to their service in said war.
In visiting with LHS students after the assembly, many veterans who served in Vietnam regaled the hardships they faced as they reentered civilian life. One veteran described his resume being “thrown in the trash” once the employer saw that he had served. Others talked about “being spit on” or “not being acknowledged.”
The annual LHS Veterans Day assembly is to honor those who put their lives on the line for the nation, and to thank them for their service and sacrifices.