Jesse St. Onge wins as class of 2022 Mr. LHS


All photos courtesy of Madeline Gibson

Competitors swing umbrellas during introduction dance.

Jesse St. Onge won the “Running into ’22” Mr. LHS competition, out of eleven seniors.
The pageant, held in the old LHS auditorium Nov. 15, brought in significant funds. From 58 sponsors and the tickets themselves, these funds go to the cheerleaders, who were the choreographers for the men.
The pageant started with an umbrella dance segment to “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. Then they split the men into two groups for fitness and swimwear, which included their reimaginings to the songs “Cruisin for a Bruisin” and “No Easy Way Out.” They then transitioned to the talent competition, a segment with their mothers, interview and composure events, and the awards.
The winners were St. Onge for fitness, Thor Kessinger and Mason Spears for swimwear, and Justin Alder and St. Onge for talent. Dalton Laney won for composure, Sean Carper for interview, and Noah Schmidt for spirit.