Choir headed to State conference


Julie Burke

Members of the LHS Gold Voices jazz choir have been selected to perform at the All-State Music Conference for the first time in LHS history. Justin Alder and Caedmon Leister are also set to perform in the All-State ensembles. “It’s so cool to be selected to be in All-State because only the top performers in the state are selected,” said Justin Alder. “I got to be one of two drummers, and I play for the jazz choir.”
Alder added that teachers Julie Burke and Brendan Burns have worked hard to prepare the LHS students who qualified for All-State.
“It is a great opportunity, and quite humbling to be selected to perform for the State Convention for Idaho Music Educators,” Burke said. “I am excited for the students to show teachers from around the state what kind of music we sing, and give those teachers opportunities to try some of the music we perform.”