LHS holds annual food drive


The deocorated classroom doors and bulletin boards at LHS help carry along the holiday spirit. Photo by Chayton Brewer-Burgin.

The annual LHS food drive started Dec. 6 and is set to end Dec. 17. This year the donations are organized in teams, with seniors and freshmen competing against juniors and sophomores. Members of the winning team will get their picture taken with the 2021 LHS Food Drive trophy.
Donations for the seniors and freshmen were collected in classrooms of Brent Jacobs, Keith Stuffle, Billy Autrey and Jon Schaper. Juniors and sophomores dropped their donated food in classrooms with Scout Larson, Jordan Lockard, Kristin Delp and Lori Brown.
To motivate students to donate, this year there’s a new arrangement of punishments for the teachers with each donation milestone. At 500 lbs., a guest tarantula will visit the school. With 1,000 lbs. of donations, there will be a gross-food roulette event. Bringing in 1,500 lbs. of food will lead to a wrestling match, and LHS staff will join in an ice bucket challenge if donations reach 2,000 lbs.
In the previous school year, the LHS student body had donated over 3,000 lb. of non-perishable food as of Dec. 13. With that in mind, teacher Billy Autrey had stated that he hoped for the food drive to bring in 4,000 lbs. in 2021.