Uptmor coaches notable JV basketball seasons

Trevan Pixley, Sports Assistant

With all the hype around the LHS varsity teams and their annual matchup with Clarkston at the Golden Throne, it’s hard to pay attention to much else. However, the last two seasons Lewiston’s JV boy’s basketball team has silently performed very well.
Last season, the JV boys went 20-0, which is an accomplishment all on its own, and this season they continued the streak until experiencing a recent loss to Pullman.
One person who deserves credit for that is the junior varsity’s team’s head coach Adam Uptmor.
Uptmor, who grew up in Cottonwood, Idaho, played basketball all four years of high school. He got a head coaching job for Clearwater Valley High School, where his team won a state title in the 2011-2012 school year.
Moving from a 1A school to a 5A school seems like quite the transition for a coach, but Uptmor says 1A competition has helped with his coaching in 5A.
“One of things that really prepared me for competition at a 5A is that the coaching abilities at 1A are phenomenal,” Uptmor said. “I think it made me a better coach and prepared me for high level of coaching as well.”
Uptmor wasn’t hesitant to thank and give credit to the skill level and talent of the players who he has coached over the last two seasons.
“We’ve had some very good players come through — phenomenal ability. They’re just good kids,” Uptmor said. “They’re easy to coach, [and] they do what they’re asked to, so that’s what I think is the biggest thing. They love the game.”