Crochet Club

Rylie Reagan, Editor-in-chief

At the beginning of the 2021 school year, Lewiston High Schools’ newly employed computer technician, Candice Carlson, revived the Crochet club.
The old organization was mentioned to Carlson after sharing her crochet projects with staff and students around campus, striking her interest in initiating the club.
“It had so much participation and would raffle off blankets and donate blankets to the Women’s Shelter (YWCA),” Said Carlson, “So I announced it, and our first meeting had 14 people come. So exciting.”
Every Wednesday after school, instructor Carlson leads the club in the campus Library. The club is actively improving its members’ skill levels, allowing members to crochet squares that will eventually be joined into a blanket.
Members will meet new people, socialize, and develop their abilities. It is hoped that while doing so, attendees will pick up a new hobby as a result of their participation.
The advisor hopes that the club will return to fundraising in the near future, creating crocheted projects that will benefit the community for years to come.