WEC Club takes shape


Rylee Wimer and Annika Huff prepare for a WEC meeting. Photo by Jasmine Schmidt.

Women’s Empowerment Club is a new addition to LHS with the purpose of providing new experiences and a safe environment for members. The club meets every Thursday at 2:30 after school in room ST 205. Anyone looking to learn and grow as a person is welcome to join.
A group of girls motivated to start the club brought the idea to Jamie Bakker, the WEC club adviser, earlier this year. “I was really inspired by these girls when they approached me,” Bakker said. The club places emphasis on encouraging women and others by teaching them to be self-sufficient and skills they wouldn’t otherwise learn. In the future, there are hopes of providing resources that are specifically intended to empower women.
A new member of WEC should expect to be welcomed to the club and included in fundraising and club activities. WEC is currently raising money for club activities, including volunteer projects, rafting, wilderness survival, and other opportunities. Annika Huff, president of WEC, said, “Please come; we would love to have you. It’s such a great community that we have, and we love everyone who comes.”