Candice Carlson takes on the tech department


Candice Carlson

Candice Carlson is the new computer technician addition to Lewiston High School. Carlson has recently transferred to LHS after teaching in Pocatello, Idaho.
Carlson attended college in Utah at Brigham Young University, where she graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in geography and a minor in music. She went on to the University of Texas at San Antonio. There, Carlson graduated with a master’s degree in bilingual education. Before Carlson became a computer technician, she taught Spanish and history courses. She accepted a tech job at LHS but hopes to teach one day soon.
Carlson said that she had not imagined herself in her career today. But she discovered her began pursuing her technology interests during adolescence. She found that she enjoys solving problems and figuring things out, she said.
Previous to her work in education, Carlson had a childhood involving moving consistently. She lived in Utah, Montana, New York, California, Oregon and Idaho. She attended 12 high schools, graduating in 2005 from Madison Senior High School in Rexburg, Idaho. Her experiences traveling and moving helped shape who she is, she said. She cherished the years of traveling but desired a place to settle down and call her home.
Carlson is often in her office within the LHS library, doing inventory, and making sure everything the school has purchased is where the district thinks it is. She explained the importance of patience with technology, as it will work one day and maybe not the next.
¨I will put in a plea for everybody to treat technology with respect. It will work better and last longer,¨ Carlson said.
She had further advice for LHS students with their school devices.
¨Get a case for your Chromebook,¨ she recommended. ¨Don’t hold them with one hand. Don’t push on the screen hard. Don’t eat or drink around them.¨
As Carlson transitioned from teaching to tech at LHS, she said she has found a sense of belonging in a new job and environment. She said that everyone, including the staff and students, has been super-friendly. When looking for jobs, she said that the number one thing she looks for is nice colleagues.