Pokemon Club

Pokemon Club

Eli Lindauer, Staff Reporter

Pokemon club was created by Declan Cattrysse and Bowman Wadsworth to make a fun environment for anyone to learn about and appreciate Pokemon and relax and have fun. The club meets in Jennifer Spears room, SN 100, every Monday after school.

The club focuses on Pokemon, with people playing the card game, watching slide shows, and sometimes bringing in video games.

Club founder, Declan Cattrysse, made slideshows to show the club members about Pokemon, making the interesting connection from Pokemon statistics and coding and DNA. He compared the randomization of Pokemon stats within set species boundaries to the variation of animal life and DNA’s variation within similar boundaries. Brandon Kammer, a club member, enjoys the friends he has in the club and Pokemon in general. “I just liked the people,” Kammer said.

Everyone is welcome to the club. It’s a great club for anyone who enjoys Pokemon, but anyone who likes anime or card games in general may also enjoy the club.