FAKE NEWS: Ye changes legal name to “Kim’s Husband”


Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, has decided to change his name to “Kim’s Husband.” This was the third name change this week, after “Kimye forever” and “it’s been awhile since i filled out this form where do i put my name?”. This move has been one of many reasonable attempts Ye has made hoping to win back his wife, Kim Kardashian, who has separated from him. In January 2022, Ye added a lyric in his song “Easy” threatening Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. Threats are perfectly warranted in a situation like this, where someone decides to leave a relationship for their own good. Clearly if Ye feels strongly enough to threaten someone, he is full of love for Kardashian and would be a healthy part of her life.
He has also been taking to social media to make his point. One argument he has is that Kardashian is a bad parent and is not letting Ye have an equal part in parenting. Ye’s constant posting (and deleting of posts) shows his emotional attachment to his kids as well as his lack of compromise with his wife. It is important for a parent to be set in their ways and unwilling to waiver despite wishes of other rational people. The drama he creates by posting his personal issues with Kardashian — tempting viewers to take sides — adds to the polarizing environment of social media. This is beneficial to everyone because people can get emotionally invested in something that in no way affects them and can lead to real-world actions, or to people making negative posts on other accounts.
Another main topic on his social media is his hate towards Davidson. Ye is clear about Davidson’s despicable traits, such as dating Kardashian and pursuing his own career. Ye also deletes his posts regularly, making it difficult to track the story at a later point. The posts are necessary in this situation, though, because Ye needs to get his intense feelings about the situation out somehow, and sometimes counseling or a friend doesn’t have the same reaction as millions of followers on Instagram.