Wallows’ new album fails to live up to past efforts


Tell Me That It’s Over. Photo courtesy of nme.com

Wallows dropped its fifth album, Tell Me That It’s Over, on March 25. With a total of 10 songs, the alternative/Indie rock band Wallows grabbed the attention of fans by dropping three tracks prior to that date. Those songs were “I Don’t Want to Talk,” “Especially You” and “At the End of the Day.”
The album is said to be about entering adulthood and the challenges that the band has faced with it. Wallows’ popularity skyrocketed in 2018 when its EP “Pictures of Girls” was released alongside the album Spring. Later the song “Are You Bored Yet” gained popularity on TikTok, just recently reaching 1 billion streams on Spotify.
As fans became excited to tune into Tell Me That It’s Over, since nothing initially impressive has come from their already dropped EPs. This album does show similarities to Virtual Aerobics, Wallows’ last album. Both albums show a different style than expected when compared to their first three albums. The style of music has become more techno-influenced, and more closely related to 1990s pop rather than the indie rock that they are known for. “Hurt’s Me,” on Tell Me That It’s Over, is a great example of this techno-pop.
Despite the initial disappointment that the album brought, the tracks were more favorable than initially expected. When listening to the album multiple times and tuning into the tracks without bias, the music itself is impressive.
As members of Wallows have grown in both maturity and age, their music has grown with them. Their albums have portrayed the experience of growing up, which many around the world relate to. Wallows’ new album Tell Me That It’s Over is a great success yet compared to their previous albums, it is sub par.