GSA hosts Mattio Martinez


Mattio Martinez speaks to LHS students. Photo by Scout Alford

The LHS Gay-Straight Alliance hosted the writer, director and comic Mattio Martinez to speak about his journey from a closeted kid to a stand-up comedian in the P1FCU Performing Arts Center March 23. Martinez is an award-winning writer and director. He has worked on platforms such as ABC television, Disney, and Sony TV. Martinez has also appeared relatively locally, opening for 2019 Boise Pride.
After a brief yet well-done introduction by Emma Cuddy (president of the GSA club), Martinez opened with a modified comedic bit to showcase his writing skills. Martinez covered lots of subjects ranging from growing up as a member of the LGBTQ community to how he met actress Zendaya.
During a question and answer segment one LHS student asked, “What is your biggest flex?” Martinez answered, “Did you not hear me say I met Zendaya?”
Having gone to school for screenwriting and directing, Martinez gave insight into the importance of making films and gaining knowledge to achieve personal goals.
Martinez covered many more topics such as gender roles, the AIDS epidemic, and community issues. He shared a lot of stories about his youth and how he handled coming out as a gay man.
One attendee asked what he thought everyone should take away from this event, and Martinez replied, “Guys, I started out in a little tiny town in east LA. Very sad. Very uncool . . . and because I followed my heart and had really good friends to rely on, I’m out here living my dreams.
“You guys. . . if you follow your heart and hang on to each other and help each other out, you can do anything you want,” he added.