FAKE NEWS: District takes away prep hour for teachers


Photo courtesy of Ikvarchitecs.com

With Access period mostly canceled until further notice, LHS students decided to take a stand and give the teachers a taste of their own medicine.
Several parents called the school district to complain about the removal of Access and how it would negatively impact students’ grades. District leaders agreed with the parents’ complaints and made the executive decision to also take away LHS teachers’ prep hours. Leaders said it was wrong of the high school to take away this learning time for students, adding that they also wanted to start a little drama in the school.
This change will take effect on May 32, 2022. Teachers will have a class every hour, and the only prep time they receive will be before and after school on their own time — just as students have to make up tests and quizzes on their own personal time.
The Purr interviewed a teacher, Penney Petunia, about this new change.
“I regret reporting all the students that were skipping my Access class. Now I don’t get my prep hours,” Petunia said. “I really value my prep hours. That’s when I plan what I’m going to do next class, and it’s really nice to have a break during the day.”