Man on the Street: What was your Senior Project?

Brooke Pfaff
Research Topic: Narcissistic personality disorder
Project: Participated in case file studying, teen discussion groups, and one-on-one discussions at New Beginnings Counseling and Support Services.
Allison Dillard
Research Topic: Women in the military
Project: Completed BASICS training
Dalton Laney
Research Topic: The connection between sports and the broadcast industry as well as social media, and ways that communication has developed to improve the sports industry.
Hours/Project: Broadcasting basketball games on the radio station The River 105.1.
Amelia Black
Research Topic: Sex education curriculum, including its pros and cons, and issues like contraceptives, teen pregnancy, healthy relationships, and sexual violence.
Project: Organizing events for a Sexual Assault Awareness Week from April 4-8. Monday and Tuesday included mentors from the Lewiston YWCA as guest speakers in LHS classes on healthy relationships. On Wednesday and Thursday there were displays at lunch time with pamphlets, stickers, and other information about sexual assault and how to advocate for safe and healthy relationships. Also on Thursday, a presentation was given after school in the auditorium to debunk 10 myths about sexual violence and how to gain help as a victim.