FCCLA heads to nationals

Lewiston High School’s FCCLA members have completed their final step on the way to national competitions after state competitions took place April 6-8. Gretchen Pals (12) and Emma Pfaff (12) will attend national championships in San Diego from June 27-July 3.
At the state level, Sophia Gill (10) crafted a presentation about event management. Though she ultimately did not compete, she won a silver medal in regional competitions.
“My topic was event management, and I chose that because my mom has been an event manager before, and I also thought it would be good to design an event for charity,” she said. Gill also noted that students “got really good at presenting their information and connecting with the judges”.
Melinda Pals, secretary of Idaho’s FCCLA program and representative of the LHS FCCLA program, said she feels proud of her students for “investigating, developing and finalizing projects independently.”
“They do all the work and I just guide them, which is exactly what we want for all our students,” Pals noted. “All of the students who competed had wonderful, creative projects and they should all be very proud.”