LHS teacher runs for state senate

The 2022 Idaho State Senate campaigns are in full swing. Keith Stuffle, a history and government teacher at LHS, ran for District 7 senator. He ran alongside three other candidates from the Republican party. These candidates included Cindy Carlson, Carl Crabtree and Heather Rogers.
The primaries were on May 17. Carlson won the seat, followed by Crabtree, Stuffle and Rogers. The Idaho State Senate is the upper part of the Idaho Legislature. It forms the legislative branch of the state government and works with the governor to create laws. Responsibilities of the Idaho State Senate include dealing with taxes, setting levels for spending and passing bills on public policies. An elected senator works with the Senate to make these decisions.
Stuffle is a teacher, coach and overall well-respected person in his community. In an interview with The Clearwater Progress, he gave his plans as a future leader. This included strengthening the powers that are reserved for the state.
“As a conservative, my goal will be to combat encroachment of federal powers on state sovereignty,” he said. “My focus will be on exercising these constitutional and court-approved powers.”
He emphasized the importance of Idaho citizens choosing how they live their lives. Another one of his goals consists of parents being able to decide how their kids receive their education. This idea entails educating children most reasonably based on their situation.