Doctor Strange 2: Enjoyable but misses the mark

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness poster. Photo courtesy of

The latest MCU movie, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, was released on May 6. This film produced mixed reviews.
Horror is a genre that no Marvel movie has ever attempted before. The horror feeling is portrayed well by the brilliant score composed by Danny Elfman. His style, typically horror, was a perfect fit for the adventure into the multiverse. Many faced some apprehension about the new composer, wondering if Giachinno’s Dr. Strange theme would go to waste. And Elfman did use the original theme- as a cameo- adding a twist to represent how Strange acts throughout the movie. Wanda’s theme would have fit Elfman’s more dark and dramatic style than the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Esque feel in Wandavision. Despite the low amount of faults, the dramatic style adds to the horror aspect of the movie, and the new themes for each character display well.
Each actor in this film gave a devoted performance. Elizabeth Olsen can take her character one step further every time. Despite the somewhat cringe-worthy script, sometimes making Wanda seem unrecognizable, Olsen can create and add depth to her character. The same goes for Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange), who delivers every performance perfectly.
Although there was a brilliant team of actors and producers, some movie elements fell flat. The most prevalent issue with the movie is the plot pacing. Sometimes the film feels like it’s going too slow, while major storylines feel rushed in other scenes. Many fans hoped this movie would bring significant Phase Four characters together and answer once and for all “Who opened the multiverse?” But after watching this movie, that still isn’t clear.
Ultimately, this movie is groundbreaking to some and dissatisfactory to others. There are some amazing factors to this movie, such as the direction Sam Raimi decided to take. His addition of horror to the MCU was a worthwhile risk. The cinematography was astounding, but the story added more plot holes and loose ends than initially. Many fans hoped this story would answer questions, not start more. The score added to the effect of high risk and adventure, but the changes in Strange’s theme missed the mark. This movie has its faults, but it was rather enjoyable to watch. It gets a 3/5.

> RATING REASON: Doctor Strange
Despite some of its more tragic flaws, this movie was one that was enjoyable to watch. The cinematography was especially intriguing, especially in the scene where Strange was fighting himself. The different camera angles Raimi took made the scene next level. The performances by Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch continued to soar past expectations, though some of the plot pacing problems are too apparent to ignore. Many viewers got lost as many plot holes and loose ends were created. Enjoying this movie depends on the person; therefore, one cannot give this movie a perfect score.