Cornelia retires after 18 years at LHS


Jasmine Schmidt, Features Assistant

Cornelia has been teaching for 33 years, 18 of them at LHS. He teaches classes including Math 147, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus. He also taught Business in the past.
Bengals Purr: What made you want to be a teacher?
David Cornelia: I had some very good teachers and coaches growing up and that’s what I wanted to do.
BP: What’sports have you coached at LHS?
DC: I coached track for 11 years, I coached basketball for 28 years, and I coached football for 27 years.
BP: What has been your favorite class to teach?
DC: Math 147.
BP: What has been your favorite part of teaching at LHS?
DC: Just relationships with kids– great kids we have here.
BP: What is your favorite memory at LHS?
DC: I have a lot of them, but probably coaching the state basketball championship in 2009. As far as assemblies, getting an L waxed on my chest in 2006 was pretty memorable.
BP: Where was your favorite place to teach (old or new building)?
DC: I liked the old building because my old classroom was layered like a college level classroom and I was right next to the gym so it was easy to coach.
BP: What are your plans after retirement?
DC: Whatever I want to do. I’m going to remodel my house a little bit and do some other things.