Shelby Hobbs headed off to University of Idaho


Bengal’s Purr: What activities have you been involved with during your highschool career?
Shelby Hobbs: I’ve been a DECA State officer, I’ve been a BPA Chapter officer, I’ve been a DECA Store manager, I’ve been in Key Club, I’ve been in National Honors Society, I’ve been a class officer of each year of high school, I am currently ASB treasurer im am in the Lewiston City Youth Leadership Council, I do 4-H and show steers. I am a four-year varsity tennis player. I am working on getting my skydiving license; I have my own cattle herd that I started. I also played soccer my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. I have done powerlifting and powerlifting competitions. I am a volunteer firefighter. I also volunteer for Rock Study Boxing, which is a group of people with Parkinson’s disease that use boxing as a therapy, so I volunteer and help with that too.
BP: What are your summer plans?
SH: My plans are to go on a trip to Utah after I get my skydiving license and go hiking. I would go to one of the drop zones in Utah and go skydiving. At the end of July, I got into the Moscow Resident Fire Fighter Program, and I am going to start my firefighter training. When I attend school at U of I, I’m going to be doing all my courses and everything, but then I’ll be living at the fire station and working every fifth shift fighting fires and saving lives.
BP: What are you doing after high school?
SH: I’m planning on getting my degree at U of I, and I will study animal and vet science with an emphasis on production. Then, while I’m doing that, I will be enrolled in my firefighter program to get all my firefighter shooter certifications. Once I’m done with college, I want to manage my family’s ranch and be a ranch manager. I also want to be a firefighter, and hopefully, I will be able to go through the LCSCs paramedic program and eventually become a paramedic.
BP: What has been your favorite senior year memory?
SH: That’s hard. Honestly, I don’t have one specific memory that was better than everything else. I just enjoyed all of it and getting to build up those last couple of memories with the friends that I have had since junior high and elementary school. I am sad about graduating because I will have to leave all of them.
BP: What three words would you use to describe yourself and why?
SH: I would have to say adventurous because I always love doing new things, and I do things that scare me. I would also say driven because there have been a lot of things that I have worked toward, and I have put a lot of time into the goals I want to succeed. Then id like to think that I am quite humorous. I have like a unique sense of humor; some people think I am funny, and some people think I am stupid, but it’s okay.