Wicks retires after a 29 year long teaching career


Wicks has taught for 29 years, with 16 years teaching at LHS. She teaches U.S. History 10 and A.P. Government, but started out teaching special education.
Bengals Purr: What made you want to be a teacher?
Debbie Wicks: I decided that when I was really young. I liked teaching– I like learning things and telling other people what I had learned.
BP: What has been your favorite class to teach?
DW: AP government, because you can just interact with students and there’s more conversation about what is currently going on. But, I got into teaching because I love teaching U’.S. History and I still love teaching that.
BP: What has been your favorite part of teaching at LHS?
DW: The interaction with kids. When they get something, it’s fun to watch them get excited about it.
BP: What is your favorite memory at LHS?
DW: Doing the serpentine from the old high school to Bengal Field, with the music and everyone getting pumped up for the game. I also liked going to the library in the morning with other teachers and we would visit and talk about current events and catch up with each other. It was a nice connection.
BP: What are your plans after retirement?
DW: The usual– I plan to do whatever I feel like I want to do. I have some traveling planned with my husband. I’ll just enjoy summer all year long.