Jesse St. Onge enrolls at Montana State University


Bengal’s Purr: What activities have you been involved with you highschool career?
Jesse St. Onge: I’ve been a member of the LC Valley Rodeo club throughout high school, and this year I was voted president and have sometimes coached the rodeo team as well as conducted meetings and fundraisers; I have also been doing gymnastics at 360 gymnastics in Clarkston since first grade and since I don’t have a coach I compete for a team in Cour D Alene called Avant Couer and have been competing for level 10 for three years, and in addition to that I love skiing. As for school functions, I have participated in being a part of the engineering and robotics club and qualified and participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair. Of course, I like participating in the fun activities such as this year’s Powderpuff and Mr. LHS
BP: What are your summer plans?
JS: This summer, I plan to attend several rodeo camps that I go to each year to improve my roping and riding skills, as well as gymnastics camps. I also have plans to go camping several times with friends and family and get ready for college.

BP: What are you doing after high school?
JS: I plan to enroll at Montana State University, where I will initially study mechanical engineering and possibly move my way into other fields of engineering if another becomes more prominent. I may segue into Nuclear engineering, and Nuclear Physics as that is a possible career choice that fits my passions and interests
BP: What has been your favorite senior year memory?
JS: Mr. LHS was most definitely a highlight because I got to make stronger connections with my friends, and overall it was so much fun and an awesome experience, and I wish I could do it again. Outside of school, I have recently attended the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, and that was a super amazing experience as well because we got to compete against over 80 different countries, and it is the largest high school fair in the world.
BP: What three words would you use to describe yourself and why?
JS: Three words – this is a tough one… I would say Passionate, Theoretical, and Compassionate.