Arlint discusses future access schedule for 2022-2023


The standard access period has been suspended for the past few months at LHS due to misuse. On the occasions that the school does have an access period, it is held in first hour classes, and transitioning to other classes for whatever reason is not allowed. It is essentially a 30 minute free period or an extension of first period. During the time since the elimination of access, the LHS administration has been discussing what to do with access and what form it will be in for the 2022-2023 school year.

It isn’t clear what access will look like next year; the school has an access committee which discusses different options to potentially pursue, and there is currently no final consensus. One option is creating a traditional advisory period like those seen at other high schools. This would entail taking time at the beginning of every school day for a shorter but more frequent access. Assistant Principal Chad Arlint said that this arrangement would make it easier to communicate with the student body. “One option is, we could use time in the morning every day to get information and communicate with students,” Arlint said.

Arlint also explained why changes to the original access format are necessary, stating, “Access is in place to give students support. However, we’ve had issues with students abusing it, and for that reason, we’re looking at different options.” He said that he sees access as a worthwhile resource, but its current application needs to brought into question because of how it has been used (or not used) in the past. “There is value in it when students use it correctly, but it might not be worth students abusing it,” he said.