Students elect incoming ASB leaders

Trinity Nomee, Reporter

The current junior and sophomore classes voted March 15 for classmates to lead the Associated Student Body in the coming school year. Winners of the ASB election were current juniors: Mason Bartholomei for president, Brooke...

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T-shirt sales, gift card raffle support student newspaper

T-shirt sales, gift card raffle support student newspaper

Monique Gomez, Reporter

Students, staff and community members can buy a Fox Sports Bengal shirt for only $5 from Charity Egland in LHS Room 103 and have a chance to win a Happy Day Gift Card. Those who buy a shirt will be automatically entered...

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Donkey basketball set for March 16

Donkey basketball set for March 16

Lydia Powell, Features Assistant

Tomorrow night, March 16, at 6:30 p.m. Jenifer Junior High will host its annual Donkey Basketball game, between faculty and Jenifer Junior High students. It will be held in the Jenifer Junior High gym in Lewiston. Tickets ...

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Bowlers win state title

Trevan Pixley, Sports Editor

 The Lewiston girls and boys bowling team reigned supreme this month with both teams taking home state championships. This was the first time in 10 years that both the boys and girls won state championships. The championships...

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  • Bengal boys move on to state March 3
  • Cheer wins competition March 3
  • Seniors wrestle final match at home March 3
  • Regionals game halts lady Bengals February 27

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All-Northwest Choir picks two LHS singers

All-Northwest Choir picks two LHS singers

Leah Schmidt, Entertainment Assistant

For the first time in four years, the All-Northwest Choir selected two LHS singers to perform in a concert in Washington. Senior Emily Thomason performed as an alto II in the Treble Choir and senior Faith...

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Columbian exchange student excited by opportunity

Columbian exchange student excited by opportunity

February 23

Dylan Wilkins receives community support

Dylan Wilkins receives community support

February 23

LHS alumni accepts softball assistant coach position

LHS alumni accepts softball assistant coach position

February 23

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  • Aggression, made in China?

    Should the international community continue to conduct exchanges with China when it actively disregards international law? The answer is a flat no. ...

  • Schools Starting Later Results in Better Performances

    Should high schools start later in the morning? This has been a question asked by many, and the answer is yes. Not only would it be better for th...

  • Will it break the bank?

    According to the median home value in the Lewiston School District is $184,500. This means that, to fund a new school, the projected co...

  • Yes LHS? Letter to the editor

    The first time I ever voted was in 2013. Not for President, not for Congress, not for Senator or even Governor, rather, for the Lewiston School Boa...

  • Bacon Bits: Out-of-district students earn respect

    I can’t count how many times I have explained to my peers and teachers that I am from Lapwai but that I completed open enrollment requirements to a...

  • LHS students set sights on professional bowling career

     Davin Jackson, senior, spent the last 14 years bowling, and the last four years with the LHS bowling team.   His interest in bowling all started...

  • Editorial: Disagree with respect

    In light of recent events some may believe this is a bleak time for the nation, and possibly for democracy. But no matter what someone thinks of the ...

  • Egland’s Best: Clubs provide diversity

    Respect and equality for all ethnicities, genders and sexualities have been major topics in the news recently.  However one topic has often been le...

  • Trump wins LHS vote

    Students at LHS and across the nation voted in a mock presidential election Nov.1, with Lewiston’s results differing from students around the nation...

  • New clubs impact school, world

    This year LHS welcomed three new clubs: sign language club, meme club, and SAVE club -- allowing students to express themselves in new ways by focu...

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