Lewiston Parks and Rec plans Community Park


Tim Barker leads the Parks and Recreation department for the City of Lewiston. Photo courtesy of Tim Barker

Lewiston Parks and Recreation plans to finish a section of Community Park sometime in the May-June time frame of this year. In an interview with The Bengal’s Purr, Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker shared what students, staff and visitors can expect near the LHS campus.
The Community Park site, located off Warner Avenue, had a major breakthrough last year when the Lewiston City Council unanimously approved a master plan, allowing Parks and Recreation to start the process of making Community Park a reality. The 187-acre park is set to have many amenities including a little league complex, a softball complex, a basketball court, an amphitheater, RV Park and a public art space.
For the area around the water tank south of the high school, the city plans on an outdoor fitness area and a basketball court. These will open in late spring, according to Barker. The city is also looking to put in electrical to have food trucks within the area to have an “on-site, but off-site lunch alternative,” for students Barker said. He added that the city has included commercial areas in the plans that might be used for a coffee shop, convenience store and possibly a deli.
Early estimates have placed the total cost of the park around $95 million, which the city plans on funding through various methods. Some of the methods include public grants, special districts, an increase in taxes and others, Barker said.
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