New M3GAN movie teaches life lessons

M3gan preparing to find Katie. Photo courtesy of

M3gan is arguably the best kid’s movie of 2023, despite being released in 2022.

This movie features a toy designer with an idea for a new doll. Her boss is very opposed to this idea, as they use company money to fund a project without results. How does this benefit children? Well, kids need to be taught the virtue of perseverance. Gemma, the toy designer, is told to work on a sellable and cheap toy for the company, but she knows the benefits that M3gan would provide. M3gan is the perfect parent assistant and kid’s companion with AI listening abilities to become a teacher, playmate, and protector. Without Gemma’s perseverance, M3gan would not exist. The same virtue is seen in M3gan herself because, despite society’s unrealistic cultural norms for animatronics, M3gan perseveres and keeps murdering to protect Cady, her primary user.

Another valuable asset to this movie is the introduction of technology. This movie prepares children for the future of technology and its wonders. M3gan’s programming can open a child’s eyes to coding and IT development. It can open up potential hobbies and career choices for any child who has the opportunity to watch this glorious movie.

Overall, M3gan has continued to wow audiences with its ability to cater to kids. The creators of this movie have been able to craft the perfect upbeat kids’ movie with absolutely zero violence, and everyone should watch it.