Green Day’s New Album Might Be Their Saviors

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Anyone who’s been around music since the 90s has undoubtedly heard at least one song from the renowned punk rock band Green Day. They’ve been icons on the punk scene since the start of their career. And like most bands, they’ve had their fair share of good, great, and awful albums. The latter refers to the 2020 album Father of All… which was a disaster of epic proportions. It was bad enough that Loudwire, a well-known and highly regarded music news platform, labeled it “Among Worst Reviewed Albums of the Century.” However, it’s not about the past and the mistakes or oversights made during Green Day’s pandemic era. It’s about what is happening now. What has changed or will change is a much better topic.
Green Day announced its fourteenth studio album, Saviors (What better to name the album after something the California trio found a need for), alongside its leading single, The American Dream Is Killing Me, on October 24, 2023. Since its announcement, there have been three more singles released, including Look Ma, No Brains!, released on November 2, 2023, Dilemma, on December 7, 2023, and One Eyed B******, which was released on January 5, 2024. The entire album had a well-received release on January 19 through Reprise Records. Saviors hit all streaming services and record stores with a blast of power that this trinity of misfit rockers genuinely needed to recover from the disaster of Father of All…
It’s unclear whether Green Day will be topping charts or breaking records with this release, but Saviors is a much-needed step back into the comfort zone of the angsty, rebellious punk rock music that has gotten them as far as they are today. The album, musically, is out of this world. Make no mistake, the four singles were smash hits and possibly carried the album to its victory, but even after the full release, it certainly did not disappoint.
With names that seem bizarre and silly at first glance, i.e., Suzy Chapstick and Fancy Sauce, relatable and captivating lyrics, and unmistakably catchy beats, Green Day’s Saviors is a well-written, well-recorded, and well-produced album, and time will tell if it makes up for their past album. Saviors receives a hard-earned 4/5 from The Bengal’s Purr.

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