The Bengal’s Purr: A Century of Empowering Journalism and Community Engagement

Visitors to LHS can view a  Bengals Purr  display in the library. Photo by Jerrick Edwardsen
Visitors to LHS can view a Bengal’s Purr display in the library. Photo by Jerrick Edwardsen

Robert Lincoln Holbrook (R. L. Holbrook), Photo courtesy of 1930 Purple and Gold
The Bengal’s Purr, established in 1927, has been a vital source of information for parents, the community, and students at Lewiston High School for nearly a century, consistently delivering high-quality journalism, covering school events, sports, features, and thought-provoking opinion pieces.

Editorial Staff of the 1940 “Purr” (Colorized), Photo courtesy of 1940 Purple and Gold

Over the years, it has adapted to changing times, transitioning from print-only to a digital and print combination. As technology advanced, The Bengal’s Purr embraced the digital age while maintaining its print presence. This transition allowed the publication to reach a wider audience and cater to the preferences of both nostalgic alumni and current students. Combining digital and print formats, The Bengal’s Purr has ensured that it remains a reliable source of information for the Lewiston High School community.

However, The Bengal’s Purr is not just a newspaper but a testament to student journalism’s power. As a student-led publication, it allows students to develop their journalistic skills, express their opinions, and engage with their community. The dedication and hard work of the students involved has been recognized through various awards and accolades over the years.

Journalistic Geniuses of The Bengal’s Purr (Colorized), Photo courtesy of 1942 Purple and Gold

Throughout its long history, The Bengal’s Purr has fostered a sense of community at Lewiston High School and brought together students, parents, and the community. It has provided a platform for discussions, debates, and the celebration of the spirit of Lewiston High School. The Bengal’s Purr has been a unifying force, connecting past and present students through its coverage and engaging content. It has been a reliable source of information for nearly a century. As it enters its next century, The Bengal’s Purr will continue to foster a sense of community, ignite conversations, and celebrate the spirit of Lewiston High School.

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